Natural Gas

Charlie Bales, Gas Superintendent

Eatonton  provides natural gas service in Putnam and Jones counties. Our employees in the natural gas crew are all trained and certified in accordance with Georgia Public Service Commission regulations. The Gas Department is located on New Glenwood Springs Road.

Gas is a commodity that is bought through a cooperative called the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia. Together with dozens of other communities, the City of Eatonton purchases natural gas in such great quantities that the prices remain affordably low while others see skyrocketing natural gas bills. As a commodity, the gas is bought on the open market. No set price is established on a per monthly basis for gas service except for a minimum bill charge  of $8.00, which will include the first 200 cubic feet of gas used, generally enough to keep a pilot light burning on an efficient gas water heater. New customer accounts may be set up at City Hall.

If you need to report a gas leak, please call City Hall at 706-485-3311. For after hours assistance and emergencies, please call the Eatonton Police Department at 706-485-3551.

Water & Sewer

Fresh Water and Wastewater treatment has now been combined with Putnam County to become the Eatonton-Putnam Water and Sewer Authority.  They are located at 663 Godfrey Road and can be reached at 706-485-5252.



Joseph Hawkins, Public Works Superintendent

The City’s streets crew is responsible for maintenance of city streets.  From patching potholes to full resurfacing, crews ensure that City streets remain smooth and safe to travel on.  If you have questions or notice a City street that needs maintenance, please call our Streets Department at (706) 485-7570.

Buildings & Grounds

Bennie Mosley, Buildings & Grounds Supervisor

The City’s Buildings and Grounds crew is responsible for the maintenance of City facilities and properties.  From building repair and upkeep to cutting the grass at City Hall, the Buildings and Grounds Department is primarily responsible for the outward appearance and presentation of city buildings.  If you have an questions or concerns regarding maintenance of City properties, please contact us at (706) 485-7570.

City Shop

The City’s maintenance shop keeps our fleet of vehicles and heavy equipment in operating condition.  Everything from lawnmowers to dump trucks has mechanical maintenance performed here.  The City Shop, located on New Glenwood Springs Road, also serves as the impound lot for towed and police impounded or confiscated vehicles. Please contact  the Eatonton Police Department at (706) 485-3551 for information and access to the impound lot.