Mayor and Council

Mayor Walter C. Rocker

The City of Eatonton is governed by a Mayor and a Council comprised of seven members.  Four members of the City Council are elected from each of the City’s four wards; two members are elected from combinations of wards (Wards 1 & 4 and Wards 2 & 3); and one member is elected at-large.

Agendas & Minutes

Chip Walker, Mayor Pro-TemChip Walker, At-Large
(Mayor Pro Tem)

Charles R. Haley, Councilman

Charles Haley, Wards 1 & 4

Alvin Butts, Councilman

Alvin Butts, Wards 2 & 3

Bill Mangum, Councilman

Bill Mangum, Ward 1 

James Gorley, Councilman

James Gorley, Ward 2

Janie B. Reid, Councilman

Janie B. Reid, Ward 3

Teresa Doster, Councilwoman

Teresa Doster, Ward 4

City Ward Map